Our Products Range
Networking Services - We design and implementate both Local and Wide area Network
Consultancy - We offer Consultancy Services on ICT policy, Implementations and Trainings
System Integration and IT Solutions
We Import various Testing & Measuring Instrument - Oscilloscope, Function / Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser,
Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), Power Supplies, Digital MultimetersWe Importe of various Technical Education,
Vocational and Didactic Training Equipment - This Include Antenna Trainers, Colour TV Trainer, Dsp Lab, Gps Trainer,
Universal Programmer, IC Testers, Radar Trainer, Rfid Trainer, Instrumentation Trainers, Communication Trainers,
Electricity Trainer, LAN Trainer, VLSI Trainers, Microprocessor 8085, 8086, 8031, 8051, Z80, 68000,
Microcontroller & Interfaces Trainers, Educational Wall Charts, Robotics Kits, Decade Boxes (R,L,C),
Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Breadboards, Power Project Board,
Circuit Lab Trainers, Physics Systems Training, Fibre Optics Trainers etc.
Website Design and Development Access control and security – CCTV and Biometric
Importers of ePassport production consumables and accessories – Printing colour, Hologram, Laminating plates/presspads, Overlay – 
undcore foils,
paper and cover materials, security threads and reinforcement tape, various inkjet cartridges, labels, security lamination foils,
cleaning kits.

Bina Group Kenya Limited: Chester House P.O Box 1722-00100 Nairobi Kenya  Telephone: 0722113655 / 0720943133 Email: info@binagroupkenya.co.ke